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We’re proud to introduce you to our apps, compatible with all Android devices worldwide. Our aim is to create simple and handy apps, in order to get things done quickly and efficiently only with one touch of your mobile.

Discover our apss to find out solutions that best meet your needs.  If you wish to learn more about our work, you’re invited to browse through our content. We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can improve! We will continue to work aggressively on updating the site to keep you better informed about our new apps.

Here are our apps available for download:

Metric Converter  designed to convert units of measurement much easier and faster.

Log Volume Calculator calculates the volume of a log based on the log length and log the diamenter.

Torch Lantern with Morse  torch with the function of transmitting Morse signals

Bleep it with Censor is a fun app using a censor BEEP tone to obscure swearing and fowl language.

Secret for succes reveals the key to achieving success.

Recently we have launched  our new app Romanian Salary Calculator. Our calculator will help you see how much your wages are after taxes.


Portfolio Android Apps

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